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    To promote interest in my book - Living by the Words of God - and to draw awareness of our need in the Church to rethink our approach to the words of God.  I believe we need to shift from a knowledge-based paradigm in which our main (and sometimes only) emphasis is to study the Bible to a path-based paradigm in which we learn the words, love the words and live the words.

    The biblical pattern is to learn the words so we can live them.  We put on the yoke of Jesus and follow him down the path of faith.  But for many it seems that though we highly value God’s word and diligently study God’s word that we are more interested in learning about God than bowing before him on the path of life.

    This book began as a “How to study the Bible” book but I soon realized that the issue is much more than study methods and determination.  The greatest issue is the preparation of our hearts and minds to receive what God teaches when we do discover his truth.

    It is not enough to believe the Bible to be true or to value its character.  We must decide:  Do we believe God for life?  That is our real issue.  Do we trust God enough to live how he tells us to live, no matter how contradictory it may seem to our human perspective?

   Until we are at that place of readiness, we will not hear the voice of God no matter how diligent we are in our study because we will not be willing to receive his words.  Not trusting him to direct us to what is best we will find suitable alternatives in which we appear to follow God but which in fact transform the ways and teachings of God into the ways and rules of men.


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